4 of the Most Iconic Jewelry Pieces in the History of Cinema

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4 of the Most Iconic Jewelry Pieces in the History of Cinema

Since the dawn of time, jewelry has been a girl’s best friend – and not just that – but also an important part of the history of different cultures. Today, they are still objects of desire and one of the best gift options. So it’s only natural that they found their way into the world of cinema, giving us unique moments of unparalleled glamour. Below are some of the most iconic jewelry pieces that stole the show in our favorite films.

  1. Audrey Hepburn’s jewelry in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
    The beloved Audrey Hepburn, as Holly Golightly, is nonchalantly eating her breakfast outside the window of the Tiffany & Co. jewelry store, wearing a black Givenchy dress, along with a tiara and a diamond and pearl necklace by Roger Scemama. This scene is one of the most recognizable ones in pop culture, while Holly’s look has been imitated countless times, and remains an inspiration to this day.
  2. The “Heart of the Ocean” in “Titanic”
    Who can forget Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) drawing Rose (Kate Winslet) fully naked, with the exception of a huge, blue heart-shaped diamond necklace? In the film we learn that the fictional piece of jewelry once belonged to Louis XVI (which is not true in reality), while its ending is as tragic as the protagonists’ love story, as Rose throws it into the sea. Nevertheless, it is still a symbol of romance, and there have been hundreds of copies made.
  3. Satine’s necklace in “Moulin Rouge”.
    Jewelry may be one of the best gift options, but things aren’t always that simple. In “Moulin Rouge” the Duke gives Satine (Nicole Kidman) a necklace made of 1,308 diamonds on the condition that she leaves her true love. The dazzling jewelry piece was created by Stefano Canturi and is considered one of the most expensive in cinema history, with a value of nearly $1 million.
  4. Marilyn Monroe’s necklace in “Gentelmen prefer blondes”
    As we mentioned at the beginning, jewelry, especially diamonds, are a girl’s best friend… This is what the iconic actress sings in the 1953 film, dressed in a pink satin gown and diamonds, creating one of the most emblematic moments in the history of cinema. Truth be told, the gorgeous jewelry she wears in this scene is faux, but the gem in the film’s photos and posters is the famous 24.04-carat, yellow canary-colored, pear-shaped “Moon of Baroda” diamond. It belonged to Maria Theresa and later to Maria Antoinette.

If you are thinking of giving jewelry as a gift, you certainly don’t have to choose something equivalent to these very expensive pieces.  After all, Rose threw the “Heart of the Ocean” back into the sea to show us just that: That a gift should have a great deal of sentimental value, not monetary.

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