I'm Marili

My friends call me Lou, Lulu, Lukey. My mom “Maria” when she’s mad and my best friend “Sumbasi” when she wants to make me feel better.
I turn to everything.

I grew up in Piraeus, I’m a graduate of the Greek-French School of Saint Paul in 1992.
I studied design and jewellery making at Mocume until 1996.
Then I took my French education, ballet, pianos and my innate love for my mother’s island and settled permanently in Mykonos where I came of age as a person and as an artist. It was there that En Mykonos was born in May 1997.

I unsuccessfully attended 2 courses of pottery seminars and successfully attended a mosaic course. I participated for a decade in jewellery exhibitions for dealers and also ran my retail shop in Mykonos.
Somewhere along the way, my artistry morphed into craftsmanship.
Weddings, christenings, cultural events, clubs, bars, business gifts, sporting events: the En Mykonos is omnipresent!

In 2020 and 23 years later, En Mykonos takes its bracelets, its ribbons and its Mykonian air and ties a new cape back to the beautiful Piraeus, downtown on the heroic Kolokotronis Street.
With a new urban attitude, the workshop-jewellery shop-I make it in any color you want-opens and awaits you, with the same always messy counter,-that’s how it is-the artists.