The “Magic” of Black Onyx

black onyx gemstone isolated on white PZTFDK

When we talk about handmade jewellery with semi-precious stones, we cannot fail to mention Black Onyx. It is one of the rarest versions of the classic Onyx, and is covered in a veil of mystery, adding a special kind of beauty to each creation. Let’s take a look below at some facts that will help us get to know him better.
Mythology tells us that the playful, winged god Eros cut the toenails of the beautiful goddess Aphrodite’s feet with his arrow as she slept. The pieces were scattered in the sand and later the Fates, in order to protect them, transformed them into stones that would remain unchanged over time. Perhaps this is where the name Black Onyx comes from, since the Ancient Greek word “?nyx” means claw or hoof.

Over the years, Black Onyx has been utilized in Ancient Greece, Rome, China and many other countries because of its properties related to protection and fertility. It is rumoured that even Queen Cleopatra could not resist its unparalleled charm.

Today, this semi-precious stone is used both for the glamour it brings to handcrafted jewellery and for its healing and spiritual properties. Black Onyx is believed to offer strength, clarity of thought, self-control, patience and self-confidence, while ridding those who wear it of doubts and fears. In addition, it has the ability to protect against dark energies, but also helps to connect with the subconscious, bringing thoughts and past experiences to the surface to become lessons for the future and bring about healing from trauma.

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