The Positive Effect of Jewelry on Our Lives

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Jewelry pieces are undoubtedly shiny, beautiful objects that everyone admires and many wish to own. However, these wonderful adornments do not just have superficial value, they also possess other qualities that positively affect our daily lives. Let’s analyze them below!

Healing powers
Most jewelry – and especially handmade jewelry – is created with precious or semi-precious stones. Each of them has distinct and often therapeutic properties that affect those who wear them. Since the ancient times, people believed that gemstones hid unique powers that could help our health and psychology. This hasn’t changed much today, and if you do some research you will find that for every issue we face there is a corresponding gem.

Sparkle & Confidence
Glamour is certainly needed for special occasions. But everyday life can often be so grey that an extra dose of sparkle comes in handy too. Simple everyday jewelry lifts our spirits and boosts our confidence, even if we don’t have a formal event or anything like that to attend. We are not talking about rare expensive pieces, of course. A beautiful handmade piece of jewelry, which we always carry with us, can be the best gift to ourselves!

Very often jewelry is associated with people, achievements or emotions. That ring we bought when we got our degree will always remind us of how good we felt when we achieved it, that beloved necklace given to us by a relative we haven’t seen in a long time will always remind us of them when we look at it, while the bracelet given to us by our significant other will act as a sign of love and courage whenever we are going through a hardship and they are far away. After all, it is no coincidence that jewelry is also used to seal sacraments such as weddings and christenings.

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