The Healing Properties of White Howlite

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White Howlite is a semi-precious stone of exceptional beauty that is often used in the manufacture of handmade jewelry, both for its appearance and for its therapeutic properties. Keep reading below to get to know it better and discover how it can help you too!

History and Characteristics
White Howlite was discovered in 1868, in Canada, by the geologist Henry How from whom it takes its name. The appearance of this borate mineral gives the impression of marble, with a pure white color or – in some cases – white with black and brown streaks. Its crystalline form is quite rare, while its porous surface enables it to absorb dye well, which means that it often takes the place of other precious and semi-precious stones, such as Turquoise or Coral. Furthermore, its price is not too high, so you can find it in beautiful handmade jewelry and ensure a piece of affordable luxury!

The amazing healing properties of White Howlite classify it as one of the most popular choices in handmade jewelry crafting. One could say that it is a stone of tranquility and optimism, as it soothes the spirit, gives peace, conciliation and understanding, repels and absorbs negative energy, while enhancing positive thinking and energy, ridding those who wear it of anger, rage and other negative emotions. At the same time, it also has very beneficial properties for the human body. More specifically, it is said to help balance calcium levels in bones and teeth, strengthen the female reproductive system, relieve from headaches and stress and provide better quality sleep.

Although White Howlite is a semi-precious stone, its powers are undoubtedly more than precious… If you too want to boost your mood and your body, by adding positive energy to your daily life, choose handmade jewelry with White Howlite and let it work its magic!

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