How to Clean Your Jewelry with Materials You Have at Home

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Precious or less expensive, faux or real, ready-made or handmade jewelry, all of them are important to their owners and deserve the best treatment. Inevitably, of course, no matter how well cared for, they are likely to lose some of their luster as the years pass… But that doesn’t mean they can’t regain it! All it takes is a few simple tips and materials which we’ll go over below…

Toothpaste could be described as a multi-tool as it is suitable for so many things, from fighting pimples to cleaning all jewelry and much more so gold jewelry. Rub a small amount mixed with water on your gold, gold plated or other jewelry and watch the difference.

Baking soda is just the thing for silver jewelry and cleans it so effectively. All you have to do is carefully rub them with a mixture of a few tablespoons (2-3) of baking soda and a little water or white vinegar for even better results. Regular soda on the other hand, the one we drink, is great for diamonds, emeralds and all those jewelry with gemstones or semi-precious stones. Just dip them in a full glass.

No, we’re not kidding… Beer (specifically light-colored) is not only a delightful indulgence for many, but also a perfect cleaner for gold jewelry. It has the ability to remove stains and tarnish, giving jewelry back its sparkling shine. Unbelievable and yet true!

Dishwashing liquid
Faux jewelry can often be as dear to their owners as real or handmade jewelry, and dishwashing liquid mixed with a little water on a toothbrush can work wonders for them. Just make sure you are careful and don’t scrub too hard.

Now that you know how to keep your favorite jewelry in great condition, you may want to add a few more pieces to your collection.

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